Friday, 24 July 2009

Studio Photoshoot Edits

This is a year old photo now, but i decided today that it needed a bit of editing, heres what i did.

Original photo:

Added film grain:

Various overlays and layers:

Friday, 17 July 2009


I thought i'd take the 'Super Macro' function on my Samsung point and shoot camera for a spin around the house today.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Some old images of mine!

Today, i also found some older images of mine, that i've taken over the last few years! Take a look!

These two are of the band 'Whole Lotta Led' a Led Zeppelin cover band that played in my local area! They are pretty decent actually, they do a good job of covering one of the best bands ever.

I snapped this guy on his break, whilst shooting for a project that was comparing London and Paris businessmen!

This was taken in Canary Wharf.

I took this in New York City, i saw the guy cross the road towards me with his funky clothing and skateboard, and asked if i could get a portrait of him! It didn't occur to me that the wall was what i'd say the perfect background for his style, i just got him to stand there, before he uttered 'Cheers' and skated off!

So if you are reading this, thanks!

Airplane Graveyard!

Today i went up around the Industrial Estate of Bournemouth Airport, in the hope of finding a place to photograph the airplanes taking off from. Whilst looking, i saw these old aircraft left in a fenced off area around the back of the Industrial estate, sadly i couldn't get in past the fencing, i could have got some great photographs, but i managed to snap a couple!

I plan to maybe keep this a running project, and try visit some more areas where i can find 'Airplane Graveyards'.

Obvious inspiration being Simon Norfolk for this!

(Click thumbnails for a larger image)


Friday, 26 June 2009

I graduated today!

Finally! Thats me now a graduate!

Image Hosted by

Now to get a job! Or start my own photography business!


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Two images of Dorset

It was a beautiful sunny day day last week and i decided that as i hardly spend enough time photographing out of choice (rather than university project) i'd go and photograph randomly, like i used to.

Here are three outcomes, again click the thumbnails for a higher resolution image!




Still Life - Home Studio set up!

Today i sat and attempted to make a mini home studio with some white card, and using a Nikon Speedlight flash!

I thought it worked pretty well, not perfectly like a studio image, but it's a start!

Click the two thumbnails for a bigger image!



Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rangers v Kilmarnock 21st February 2009

I've been up to Ibrox again to photograph Rangers v Kilmarnock.

I decided this time, after the very grainy images i got from using ISO 1250 on my Nikon D200, which doesn't seem to be too great with any ISO higher than 1000 (especially in dark areas) at the Rangers v Dundee United match, to shoot with an ISO of 800, and at a shutter speed of 800 or 1000, to see what the images came out like, as of course, i am still learning.

I think the results are my best yet, images still had some slight grain, but were alot brighter and clearer, not to mention the advice i took from my university lecturer, turning the camera 'portrait' which worked for alot of the images.

I also switched from shooting RAW to jpeg, and because i now had more space on the cards, i used continuous shoot mode, and got a good 10 photos or more of each shot, pass, corner, etc, which helped as i could pick the best photo from each, rather than just the one shot of it.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Media Are Your Friend: Just ask RM's Official Photographer - Article on me.

Yesterday RangersMedia, a brilliant site i frequent put up an article about my efforts as a photographer and going to photograph at ibrox!

Take a read!


'Scotland Day' - Rangers v Dundee United

My third visit up to Ibrox as a photographer, and its on 'Scotland Day'!

A day earlier i along with some fellow Rangers fans, had helped put out Lion Rampant and Saltire flags around the stadium, every fifth row, and every fifth seat, of course, as always happens, we got to the end a 100 or so flags short, and had to space them out a bit more, but it figured out in the end.

However, on game day i only saw a few in use, sadly, maybe i missed them, as i was in the press room up until a few minutes before kick off, or maybe they just didn't get used?

After a first half where noone thought we would score, we finally picked up pace, with young Fleck making a great run toward the goal only to be fouled and recieve a penalty, which he scored! His first goal for rangers!

Lafferty later scored a second after having a goal being dissallowed (wrongly) previously.

Here are some pictures of the match;

More can be found at