Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Media Are Your Friend: Just ask RM's Official Photographer - Article on me.

Yesterday RangersMedia, a brilliant site i frequent put up an article about my efforts as a photographer and going to photograph at ibrox!

Take a read!


'Scotland Day' - Rangers v Dundee United

My third visit up to Ibrox as a photographer, and its on 'Scotland Day'!

A day earlier i along with some fellow Rangers fans, had helped put out Lion Rampant and Saltire flags around the stadium, every fifth row, and every fifth seat, of course, as always happens, we got to the end a 100 or so flags short, and had to space them out a bit more, but it figured out in the end.

However, on game day i only saw a few in use, sadly, maybe i missed them, as i was in the press room up until a few minutes before kick off, or maybe they just didn't get used?

After a first half where noone thought we would score, we finally picked up pace, with young Fleck making a great run toward the goal only to be fouled and recieve a penalty, which he scored! His first goal for rangers!

Lafferty later scored a second after having a goal being dissallowed (wrongly) previously.

Here are some pictures of the match;

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