Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rangers v Kilmarnock 21st February 2009

I've been up to Ibrox again to photograph Rangers v Kilmarnock.

I decided this time, after the very grainy images i got from using ISO 1250 on my Nikon D200, which doesn't seem to be too great with any ISO higher than 1000 (especially in dark areas) at the Rangers v Dundee United match, to shoot with an ISO of 800, and at a shutter speed of 800 or 1000, to see what the images came out like, as of course, i am still learning.

I think the results are my best yet, images still had some slight grain, but were alot brighter and clearer, not to mention the advice i took from my university lecturer, turning the camera 'portrait' which worked for alot of the images.

I also switched from shooting RAW to jpeg, and because i now had more space on the cards, i used continuous shoot mode, and got a good 10 photos or more of each shot, pass, corner, etc, which helped as i could pick the best photo from each, rather than just the one shot of it.