Monday, 29 June 2009

Some old images of mine!

Today, i also found some older images of mine, that i've taken over the last few years! Take a look!

These two are of the band 'Whole Lotta Led' a Led Zeppelin cover band that played in my local area! They are pretty decent actually, they do a good job of covering one of the best bands ever.

I snapped this guy on his break, whilst shooting for a project that was comparing London and Paris businessmen!

This was taken in Canary Wharf.

I took this in New York City, i saw the guy cross the road towards me with his funky clothing and skateboard, and asked if i could get a portrait of him! It didn't occur to me that the wall was what i'd say the perfect background for his style, i just got him to stand there, before he uttered 'Cheers' and skated off!

So if you are reading this, thanks!

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