Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Glasgow, December 2009

I just thought I'd upload some images I took when I first moved to Glasgow last winter, which coincidentally happened to be the coldest winter on record for quite a while in Glasgow, which ment snow, and plenty of it!

I woke up early on a Sunday morning, and decided that with it being the first snow I'd seen since visiting the Alps a few years previous, that I'd make the most of it, and trek out, snapping away at will.

It was eerily quiet. Have you ever been out in the snow, where the dense thick clouds, and lack of people makes it seem as if you are walking anxiously through a set for a christmas version of 28 days later, expecting something to jump out at some point?

I've never seen Glasgow so quiet, especially the West End.

Here is hoping for more snow this December.

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  1. Stunning. The light you get reflected off snow is very special - by far the best for drawing or painting in. I went to Home Park a few years ago (Hampton Courts back garden) and that was almost desserted except for a few curious deer, and a minature snow man some one had built on a plank bench.