Sunday, 29 August 2010


Carrying on with my Food Photography project, today I made Meatballs, and decided to photograph some parts of the process. These were the two best shots, in my opinion. I do feel the 50mm f1.8 helps alot when shooting food photographs, the fully open aperture gives the images a very artistic feel to them, and gives plenty of room for some lovely composed shots, allowing in plenty of light for a lower ISO, as well as crystal clear sharp images.

Click thumbnails for larger resolution images.

I've also found out that Heart Buchanan, a lovely quirky delicatessen on Byres Road does some cookery classes, that I am thinking of attending with my girlfriend, I'd also hope to photograph a session as well as cooking one.

(Above Photograph of the store by 'Carolannpeacock' on flickr)

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