Friday, 6 August 2010

Photographie de Nourriture

Lately I have been reading cookery magazines and looking at the photography in them thinking 'I can do that', I've decided that I am going to attempt to take pictures of a few dinners a week, with various lenses, angles and gradually (hopefully) have some lovely photographs much similar to those in the magazines/cook books/web sites.

A previous effort in March 2010 (Click Thumbnail for larger resolution)

Todays attempt (Click Thumbnail for larger resolution)

I like the lighting, soft, natural, which I was aiming for, but looking at it now, the angle is a little awkward, and the cloth underneath the plate could have been positioned better.

I have looked online for a few sites giving tips, whilst I am mainly extrapolating the skills from my degree course, it is good to read a little into how other photographers go about it.

I am a fan of tightly cropped close ups with shallow depth of field, I feel this gives the food a very unique look, at an angle you wouldn't usually go out of your way to view the food at, making it look more appetising - in my opinion anyway.

After watching the film 'Julie and Julia' last night, (surprisingly finding myself enjoying the movie) I am every so slightly tempted to replicate Julie's Blog entries*, (a successful attempt to cook every recipe in her book). Whilst I won't go as far as to actually cook Julie Childs recipes every night for a year, I will photograph every meal I make, in the hope that eventually, the photographs will get better and I will have a nice photographic collection of a variety of meals, with the hope that a few are good enough for my portfolio/website.

On we march..


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