Sunday, 19 September 2010

Retouching a World War 1 Photograph

So yesterday I almost finished retouching a World War 1 photograph my grandmother showed me a while back of her father (my great grandfather). He is stood behind the man who is sat far right on the floor.

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Here is the original as it was:

And here is the retouched effort, it's not done yet, but very close.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Shortbread was on todays menu in our kitchen, following a 'simple' BBC Recipe.

125g/4oz butter
55g/2oz caster sugar
180g/6oz plain flour

I used these exact ingredients, and followed the recipe to the T, but sadly the shortbread came out bland, nowhere near as sweet as expected.

I can only imagine that either their recipe is wrong, needing more sugar/butter, or that I used the wrong butter type (Light Utterly Butterly).

Anyway, as always some photographic practice ensued..

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Till next time.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Hummingbird Bakery Brownies

Today I made a valiant second attempt at baking the Hummingbird Bakery Brownies, clinging onto the hope that nothing will go wrong this time.

I was very close, the actual brownie itself turned out lovely, apart from an odd light brown crust on top, which wasn't there in the photograph of 'their brownies', I can only assume the heat was too high, even though it was at 170 degrees, which according to the recipe was correct.

Taste wise, 8/10, I prefer them a bit more fudgie, but I'm definitely getting there.

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Paris Je T'aime

Over the last three days myself and the lovely Miss Lawson became enravelled in the mystical beauty of a city that is Paris.

We visited La Tour Eiffel, Sacre Coeur, La Louvre, Jardin du Tuileries et Luxembourg, Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise (Oscar Wilde's grave), Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe et la Champs Elysee all in 2 days! Not bad! We were knackered though!

It's hard to pick the best visit, but Laduree on the Champs Elysee was fantastic, a lovely vintage shop that sells world famous Macaroons (which are to die for), we of course, visited twice. Shakespeare and Company was also a highlight, featured in the movie 'Julie and Julia' this shop is a key stone to the artistically minded, the book worms and the tourists of Paris. Read a great review of it here.

I have painstakingly sat and chose the best 6 images for this blog post..

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.. but I just couldn't not show the rest of my favourites, so check them out here on my flickr album, HERE.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bathroom Darkroom?

I have a ton of Black and White 35mm and 120 film sat on my side, I never get around to actually getting it processed in town, mainly because of how long it takes and the cost. So, I have decided that I will try and make my pitch black bathroom into a part time darkroom.

It might be a bit of an effort and I do have a perfectly sized cupboard room that would allow for a perfect dark room, but it's our only large storage area and is full of boxes etc.

What a potential bathroom darkroom would look like (Click for larger image);

There is a certain magic about film photography that just isn't emulated when doing digital photography. Whether it's the mystery of what's on the film, or the vintage/nostalgia feeling I'm not sure, but it can't be beaten, it's an art within itself.

I remember my early university days, I would wake up at 5am to catch a bus to the University for 7.30am (you have to get there early for the room), get into the dark room and not come out again until 6pm, at which point, in Winter, it was dark again outside. I was like a vampire, never seeing the light of day, but how I loved it, if it wasn't for the price, and the fact I was given a delightful Nikon D200 the same year, I'd have spent more of my remaining years in the dark room.

Box Brownie

Today, I thought I'd showcase my Six-20 Brownie'D camera. An original 1946 Box Brownie bought for me by my girlfriend from an Oxfam for only £5, bargain!

I am going to make an attempt to get it fully working in this modern day by un-spooling a modern 120 film onto the vintage spool already in the camera, my only worry is that I won't get the old spool back from the processor.

I also have a No 2 Folding Brownie (from 1916).

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Etsy Shop

I have decided that I will soon be selling prints of my current back catalogue and future photographs, for now I have set up an 'Etsy' shop selling digital copies of some of my shots, with the print option becoming available at a later date. (When I have sourced a decent printer in Glasgow/or get my own A3 Printer.)

My first image for sale, at $10

La Maison

Today I took some pictures for my girlfriends blog, of a new quilt she had finished making.

Take a look!

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Gâteau de Noix de Coco et Brownies au Chocolat..

Today, I had two rather delicious, sweet darlings pose for me on my kitchen work top.

I am of course reffering to the esquisite homemade brownies, and coconut cake baked in 'La Cuisine de Lister/Lawson'.

The first, was made by my fair hands, using a recipe found in the delightful 'Hummingbird Bakery' cookbook.

The second, a scrumptious Coconut cake, was baked by my lovely girlfriend who's blog can be found here.

Once again, the 50mm, f1.8 was used for these shots, I really feel it gives them a more professional, sleeker look than using my 18-55mm.

As always, click thumbnails for larger images.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Truffles and Eggs

Truffles and Eggs? Not mixed together old boy.

Rather, actually two purchases from Waitrose in Glasgow, Dutchy's Original Organic Eggs, and Monty Bojangles Cocoa Dusted Truffles. I felt they'd make interesting photographs, and once again using natural light, I thought I'd make more attempts to practice some 'home' food photography.

Equipment used, Nikon D200, 50mm f1.8 lens and natural light via the kitchen window.

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